It's like its own little ecosystem..

Two built-in games and more will be added.

Painstakingly crafted to fulfill Apple's quality standards.

So Much More Than a Homepage

Features include Camera and Tilt Sensors

Purchase In-app or Through Website

Complies with Apple's Strict Requirements

No Offensive Content

Flag or Block Any Pixels You Find Inappropriate

Did We Mention Games?

1. Puzzle
2. Mineysweepy
As Pixels Sell, More Games Unlocked

Showcase Your Business, Play Some Unique Games.

Make your mark on a pivotal moment in internet history!

1,000,000 Pixels

Your smartphone has almost exactly 1 million pixels on it.

Light for Sale

For the low low price of $1* per, you can stake your claim on those pixels!

You're in Control

Choose your graphic, choose your app or hyperlink. Yours* forever!

Going, Going, Gone

Once sold, that's it*. Don't miss out!

Demand is Skyrocketing

After 10% is sold, $2 a pixel.
After the next 10%, $3 a pixel,
and so on.

Buy Low, Sell High

*If you want to resell your pixels and can find a buyer, we'll let you.

Discover what all the buzz is about!

The Million Dollar App is available on any iDevice! (Android coming soon). Download now to get started!

I new friends!